About TSSI

TSSI is a design only company. We provide designs and specifications on a complete range of educational, commercial and professional presentation and acting spaces.

Systems We Design:

  • LED Stage, Auditorium, Classroom, Store & Industrial Lighting
  • Theatre Lighting and Dimming Systems
  • Multimedia Projection systems
  • Audio Systems
  • Theatre Drapery Track and Rigging Systems
  • Energy Efficient Architectural Lighting
  • TV Studio Lighting, Grids, Cameras, Studio AV Systems
  • Auditorium Smart Podiums
  • Motorized Rigging Systems
  • Custom Automation Systems

Inquire about our very high output, very smoothly dimming LED lighting designs. By utilizing the correct selection of lighting and control equipment from various manufacturers, any installation can emulate incandescent lighting operation and appearance.

E-mail us at bob@gotheatrical.com

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